Energy and Renewables

Neutral Power, part of Stuart Burke Associates, have recently appointed us to assist in the development of their renewable energy resources programme.

Stuart Burke Associates and Atlas Dynamics have direct experience in a range of renewable technologies and solutions for all aspects of the renewable energy sector including: onshore wind, hydroelectric, waste to energy, solar and biomass projects. We are able to support projects from initial site selection and feasibility through to commissioning.

SBA can provide a variety of services including but not limited to:-

  • Initial site feasibility and assessment;
  • Environmental impact assessment;
  • All relevant feasibility studies;
  • Access track/roads and drainage design;
  • Construction management; and
  • Financial assessment including modelling and forecasting.


Our Experience:-

We have the over 20 years of experience and capability in the energy sector to deliver at every stage of a project. From the early stages of site selection, feasibility, project design and planning, to meeting statutory and legal requirements through to project management of the construction phase.



Individual Project Management

Most of all we work with our clients to produce results for them and their business and have experience of working with community based organisations, public sector organisations and commercial companies.

Now – Are you a landowner, tenant. or know someone with land?

Its simple, allow us to explore the possibility of developing a scheme, at no cost to you.

All we ask is for your permission to allows us to look into, basically renting a piece of your land for a project.

In return, if viable you get a percentage of the revenue of power exported to the electricity network for a period of up to 25 years. At no cost to you!

If a viable project is feasable and sustainable we will do the rest. We want to work with you, our client, to make a positive contribution to future energy demand.

It may be hydro, wind, solar or other technologies we may propose.

With your help, together we can contribute to a passive and sustainable addition to the energy needs of our infrastructure contact us