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Atlas Dynamics can find you business, whether it’s new customers and projects or developing new products and innovative applications.

⇓ Khalifa Port, Abu Dhabi

Khalifa Port, Abu-Dhabi




Finding new market sectors or appointing, managing and guiding new distributors. Curious? contact us




Atlas Dynamics have been working with specifiers, contractors and manufacturers for many years in the development of new products, designs and systems. As well as finding new markets and applications. Curious ? contact us

⇓Pourous car park (SuDS) drainage – UK*¹.

Sub Base Replacement Drainage and Heating

We understand that our clients need the assurance that when they work with us they are not simply acquiring a product, they are getting a system. Often composed of several components from different suppliers.

This means we can offer a one system solution from one source, us. Design, supply and installation accountability rests with us. Do you want to know about warranties? contact us

⇓ Infiltration / Venting ‘wicks’ – Australia*²


⇓ Pourous /SuDS car park – Spain*³


Combining our technical experience with our commercial experience we know what the markets need. We know what will be asked in order to gain approvals from many different bodies and organisations.

⇓ Driven gas venting – UK *~


A common misconception is that geocellular modular systems and cell products are only used in attenuation or infiltration applications. We have pioneered the use in other applications such as structural drainage, podium uses and in many innovative landfill and contaminated land solutions.

⇓ Calculation Sheet

Load Calculator

⇓ Stormwater soakaway – UK

Highway Soakaway

We have produced structural load calculation software specifically for geocellular materials. We can provide project specific calculations upon request.

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*¹ Sub-base replacement incorporating ground water protection system.

*² Pre-fabricated cellular units installed in large diameter wells. 90% void efficient compared with 30% void when using aggregate.

*³ 900 space car park with permeable grass cell pavers and pourous access routes. Under ground heating can also be incorporated as dual use within the drainage void.

*~ Driven systems produce little spoil as the process displaces surrounding material. These systems can be used in various configurations such as gas venting, deep stormwater soakaways and leachate recirculation.

*# If your interested, we can send you the pdf document. This was designed as marketing material for the SWANA Wastecon event, Long Beach CA USA.

⇓ Landfill leachate collection, gravel replacement   layer - UK/USA*#