Structural Applications



Developments often need to be achieved in areas where underlying ground conditions need to be carefully considered. With our partners we can help to offer designers and specifiers solutions which achieve what is required technically, and at the best cost.

The use of geocellular systems incorporating membranes, admixtures and geotextiles provide for less weight on roofs and podiums and offer high strength void forming properties for sub-structure solutions.

⇓ GCHQ Podium drainage – UK*¹

Cheltenham (Podium Roof drainage) 02

Podium Drainage Singapore 50,000m2-⇑ 50,000m² Podium waterproofing, drainage and void former – Singapore

Upon Structures

Atlas Dynamics provide solutions for the effective management of water upon structuressuch as podiums and both intensive and extensive roof gardens. This also includes green walls. Interested? contact us

⇓ EE Telecommunications podium waterproofing & geocellular drainage – UK

EE Podium Drainage 15,000m2

Below Structures (and around them !)

Below structures our systems waterproof, relieve hydrostatic pressure and accommodate fluctuating water tables. With void ratios in excess of 90% they are able to accommodate reactive or expansive materials such as clays and some aggrilaceous rocks.

The creation of sub-base voids is also useful in environments where ground gases and vapours are present in particular landfill gas. We can provide for active or passive means of gas removal.

The drainage media we select and specify allows architects and landscapers to construct effective and robust platforms for the subsequent construction of gardens, car parks or to form contours and shapes.

These materials are flexible in design, have high structural properties and superior hydraulic performance.

⇓ Sub-structure waterproofing, drainage and hydrostatic pressure relief - UK*²


⇓ Sub-structure waterproofing, drainage and hydrostatic pressure relief - Marina del Rey, CA, USA

LA Structural Drainage




Consisting of injection moulded polypropylene these materials are inert and are resistant to chemical and biological attack.

Because they are sound structurally the working surface provided for the following on installations allows trafficking and movement of materials with minimal risk of damaging the underlying waterproofing.

These materials have been tested for long-term strength easily exceeding 100t/m².

They can be supplied in thickness’ of 25mm and upwards. These thickness’ can be increased incrementally to any desired depth, often being used as a combined drainage layer and void forming layer. Services, lighting columns, lift shafts and conduits are incorporated with ease.

Often acting as a sub-bas replacement layer they can form multiple functional systems able to provide drainage, void forming, underground heating systems. Also gas venting and groundwater protection.


⇓Typical component section in installed application

Typical Cross section 50mm Cell

All combined in one system. contact us if you want to know more.

Another advantage is these products can be supplied in varying sizes as they can be pre-fabricated to the size required for quick assembly and they interlock further enhancing their strength and durability.

The product can be used as drainage, void former, pressure relief and for heat transfer all incorporated into one system.

As with all the systems we are asked to advise on, we pick the best products with the best performance at the best price.

contact us if you want to know more.

*¹ Central area installation.

*² System can be seen in the bottom left of the image (50mm thick) to accomodate and support a 25,000m² 5 storey structure.