Shale Gas

It could be debated that the exploration and production of Shale Gas or unconventional gas will occur in the UK and Europe as is noticeably occurring in North America.

If this will be the case in he future, we have no comment to make other than if deemed advantageous, then we are adamant that it must be carried out in the most technologically efficient, and more importantly, environmentally competent manner.

We have no technical position as to the process of Hydraulic Fracturing (or 'fracking'), which does not form part of our envisaged service provision at his time.

Our interest is in the development and facilitation of standard impartial guidance for drilling pad design, construction and management which are the focus or visible manifestation of this technology. We are currently working with our partners to develop this.

We believe a facilities management approach with respect to both the drilling exploration and production process creates and helps maintain an auditable 'closed loop'.

Furthermore, we are looking to enhance the sustainability and productivity of facilities with marginal yields of gas by utilising wellhead and stranded gas to provide for electricity generation into the local network.

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