Landfill & Waste Systems

It is accepted that as societies progress in their environmental responsibilities waste is being reduced, recycled, converted to energy and is being viewed more as a resource.

Reliance on landfill as a means of disposal is diminishing but it is likely that some need will continue to exist.

We assist in the development of landfill facilites from concept through to post-closure management. Acting as project managers we offer specialist engineering, procurement, management and environmental advice throughtout the entire life cycle of these facilities.


We recognise that airspace is a premium economic commodity and we have developed the use of geocellular systems as an alternative to gravel and pipe leachate collection systems.

Furthermore these structural materials with high void ratio’s can vent and control LFG and leachate

Integrating these design features we can provide for combined environmental control and sustainable surface water drainage systems on operational and sites undergoing post-closure remediation.

Leachdrain Product Testiing

⇑ Product testing of airspace saving material (Leachdrain50™) - UK*¹.

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Gravel/pipe systems are typically 500mm thick, we can achieve the same performance with 50mm of Leachdrain50™ Cell. This not only reduces construction cost and risk to the underlying lining system, its use saves significant amounts of airspace.

⇓ Leachdrain 50™.

Leachdrain Prior to Geotextile Covering

Gravel replacement leachate collection / LFG venting material, prior to geotextile covering - UK.



The use of these systems is widespread in the collection and management of landfill gas and leachate breakouts. 

Post-restoration development incorporating pollution prevention and the management of surface water can be achieved in one type of system.

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⇓ Permeable Surface Drainage & Storage

York College (8,000m2 surface drainage)  1,300m3 Stormwater storage - attenuation 02


⇓ Leachate collection trench & slope stabilisation – UK

Leachate Outbreak and Slop Stabilisation - UK

*¹ Leachdrain50™ is covered with 500mm of waste prior to compaction. Upon waste removal insignificant observable impact on the material - material layer can just be seen at the lower left where the yellow marker line is (wrapped in black geotextile). The material has been laboratory tested and is not affected by leachate or temperature and has a long-term strength in excess of 120t/m².

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