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Support Services for the Environmental, Construction and Consulting Sectors

Brokering design and supply partnerships between construction suppliers and specifiers, architects, engineers and contractors. Would you like to know more ? contact us.

Practical, technical help for all ground improvement and environmental needs. Contributing towards a better natural and built environment.

We also project manage and supervise installation work during construction and on-going maintenance. When asked, we help.

⇓ LEED / BREEAM Compliant

⇓ Modular Geocellular Attenuation Tank – UK *¹

Water Management and Sustainable Drainage 360 x 260

Atlas Dynamics is an international organisation who facilitate in the provision of solutions to geotechnical construction needs. Furthermore, the implementation and management of all types of environmental monitoring programmes including surface/groundwater, landfills, brownfield land, air quality, etc.

We specialise in the design, selection and specification of geocellular and geosynthetic products and systems.contact us.

Recognising the almost infinite qualities and properties that polymeric materials display, we integrate these materials with conventional methods and materials with an emphasis on delivering sustainable solutions.


We work with our partners to find the best options in the following main areas of expertise:-

  • Technical Sales Support and Business Development;Research and Problem Resolution;
  • Water Management; SustainableDrainage (SuDS), Podium & Green Roof systems;                    
  • Structural and Sub-Structural applications (podiums, hydrostatic pressure relief);
  • Waste, Resource Management and Landfill (optimizing airspace, leachate management, landfill construction / management)
  • Shale Oil / Gas and Hydraulic Fracturing (drilling pads); and
  • Renewable Energy, (Wind Power, Underground Heating, Anerobic Digestion).



⇓ Product testing *²


⇑ Cyclical product testing to CIRIA 737 (formerly C680)

We are successful because we are independent and we select the best partners, offering the best service, sourcing the best products at the best price.

Because we are independent we are unbiased

RBS World Headquarters,Edinburgh

⇑ RBS Edinburgh Sub-Structure Drainage

We are living in uncertain times. As global economic and political upheaval continue, pressures on the natural and built environment are on the increase.

Atlas Dynamics offer simple, proven and effective environmentally advantageous solutions to the waste, water and construction industries.

We work seamlessly across boundaries enabling our clients to realise technically competent and superior cost effective practical answers to everyday and more importantly long term needs.

Many projects are international, so are we.

Our experience and expertise will give you the options. And our tenacity will give you the most effective solution.

We can help. If you’d like to know more about our thinking, contact us.


*¹ We arrange the supply of geocellular modules including installation via our partners. We can advise on design, installation and maintenence.

*² We arrange and manage product testing (structural and hydraulic) with independent materials laboratories worldwide.

*³ Provision of Sub-Structure Drainage, waterproofing system of buildings currently under construction as part of the redevelopment of central Hobart.

⇓ Redevelopment of central Hobart, Tasmania*³